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Entrepreneurial Education

Here our purpose is to provide people in the community (young and old) with the knowledge, skills and motivation to encourage entrepreneurial success.

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Liza Jackson is honored as Top Sales Coordinator of the Year

With the turn of the century, the business world has undergone extraordinary changes. Globalization, outsourcing, mobile technology, the Internet, social media have all affected, for better and worse, how business is conducted here in the US and in particular in communities where unemployment is well above the nation’s average.

Our syllabus for Entrepreneurial Education starts out with The Business Plan. We’ll go through a sample business plan for a service oriented business.

Once the trainee knows what a business plan is and isn’t, we will then have each of the trainees start on their own plan. The curriculum will follow the outline below.

  1. Why are you starting your own business; what is it you want?
  2. The business idea
  3. Business, finance model; profit potential
  4. Business plan
  5. Action plan
  6. Financing
  7. Legal and regulatory issues
  8. Avoiding the most common and costly mistakes

Types of businesses that can be started with very little capital.

Part time/consulting with former employer, Web businesses, Virtual assistants, Online Social Media assistance/Consulting, Mobile apps, Convenience services (e.g., house sitting, dog walking), Pet boarding , Landscaping, Handyman services.