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Poverty is the worst form of violence.
Mohandas K. Gandhi

The Advanage Foundation, a nonprofit corporation, was established in 2014 by Mr. Nathan T. Edwards and his wife Mrs. Ruth Edwards. The foundation provides assistance to underserved communities throughout the USA. Services include workforce development, entrepreneurial education and recreational programs for young people living in underprivileged neighborhoods.

Targeted communities are those where schools are powder kegs for violence and high school dropout rates approach 50%; where unemployment reigns; and where most families have a single parent (typically she) working multiple jobs, leaving little time for parenting.

In short, the Advanage Foundation helps young Americans from underprivileged neighborhoods all over this nation, find jobs, make money and have fun.

Put a ball in kids’ hands instead of a gun.
Nathan T. Edwards

One of our Foundation’s initiatives is to bring some fun and excitement to these blighted communities. We want our young people to have a place to play ball and a place where their friends and family can see their local heroes. Getting these kids off the street corners and onto the playing field is an excellent first step to start helping them realize their true potential.

That’s why we are forming the National Ghetto (softball) League. Here, local adults will coach them while at the same time mentor them to become the kind of person they have the capability to become.

Our softball league is a means to an end for young Americans. A way for the community to work together to help kids have fun and at the same time provide the motivational leadership everyone needs stay positive to tackle the next hurdle.

Want to help the Advanage Foundation mentor and help young people in these blighted communities find jobs, have hope and have some fun in their lives?